I’m Chris, and I’m currently a (technically prospective, as I have not officially declared) Computer Science student at the University of Mary Washington in my hometown of Fredericksburg, Virginia. I currently work as a Public Computer Assistant at a local library’s computer lab, and I’m kind of a geek (GNU/Linux, SciFi, DnD, and so forth). My love of all things obscure and nerdy even led me to be ordained (as a legal minister) by the greatest UFO Cult ever, the Church of the SubGenius. I also have a soft spot for political philosophy, some of my favourite philosophers and icons being: Max Stirner, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, Lysander Spooner, Benjamin Tucker, Nestor Makhno, and Henry George. So, I’m always game for a political debate.

However, my primary love is music, mostly 80’s-era Punk Rock and Heavy Metal (although I do enjoy most everything). Some of my favourite bands are Motley Crue, DRI, The Germs, Municipal Waste, Dead Kennedys, Turbonegro, and Children of Bodom. I even play bass in a Richmond-based Crossover Thrash band called Skumboyz (and maintain our online presence). The header picture on my site happens to be a drawing by my singer of the band members (from left to right is the drummer, the guitarist, the singer, and me). We’re usually playing all around the DMV (DC, Maryland, and Virginia) so feel free to come out sometime. Shows are rarely more than $5, and the mosh pit is a great workout.

This class is not only good for credits toward my degree, but can help me hone the necessary web development knowledge to function in the modern world, either as a self-managed musician, or as an employee in (pretty much) any computer-related field.

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