Although my favorite type of music would be generally labeled as rock (more specifically, 80s hair metal, 80s hardcore punk, and 80s thrash metal), I do enjoy some electronic music. Usually I listen to bands that combine electronic (ie: Industrial, Techno, or Ambient) with rock, like Rammstein (Industrial Metal), Burzum (Dark Ambient), or Atari Teenage Riot (Digital Hardcore), but I can get down to some Throbbing Gristle (traditional Industrial) or Chipzel (Chiptune). There’s also a subset of extreme music that combines death metal and/or hardcore punk with industrial/electronic/noise music, usually categorized as cybergrind, noise rock, or the sort. There’s so much to chose from, so combining with these noise/grind/rock influences with my love for nerd music (like the Hacker Rap of Dual Core), I was able to create the beat below, titled Anrufen (butchered German for ‘To Call’), dedicated to the Phone Phreaks of old who paved ways for the modern hackers. I made the original percussion beat in the FOSS drum program Hydrogen, and gathered a few samples of phones, dial tones, and the infamous dial up tone, layering them all together in Audacity. With some adjustments in volume and sound, the beat came out. I did release this song and a few others on a Noise EP I did a while back, but this exemplifies the creative process I went through to make the EP.


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