I run a small record label called Petty Treason Records, mainly putting out my own music, and that of friends. I’m also friends with a guy who runs a group on Facebook specializing in music promotion, called Cult XLV. A little while ago we worked on putting together a compilation album/mixtape like thing of a bunch of local/regional bands to cross promote to each other’s fan-base, and I love how it turned out. I would recommend giving this whole thing a listen, as many great Punk, Metal, Rock, Hip Hop, and Noise acts from DC, Maryland, and Virginia are featured. I didn’t edit the tracks much, but I did use audacity to convert  the songs (that were usually sent to me as .mp3) to proper lossless audio format (.wav or .flac). Anyone can run a record label with enough time, and if it’s not a serious thing, you don’t need to take much time. The album cover, track listing, and all the info was of my own doing also.


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