Into The Badlands

My band is currently in the studio working on our debut album, and we’re planning on releasing at least two music videos for it. One we’re going to be shooting at a show, but the other, for our song “Into The Badlands”, we’ll be using stock western footage and various show clips. Now, we previously recorded the song on out first demo, and I put together a small draft of the music video using the old version of the track, but the final cut will be much cleaner, and with the new and improved recording of the song. I used the Kdennlive software, as it runs on GNU/Linux, and grabbed a few live clips of my band, and some stock western clips from, which are all free.


2 thoughts on “Into The Badlands

  1. For a drafting of a video, this actually isn’t bad (not that I was expecting it to be…but you get my point). I love the idea of mixing vintage films with concert or live footage; I had never seen it done before but this has peaked my interest. The audio doesn’t sound bad either, but I’m sure that the improved recording is what you would prefer and make it sound a tad clearer. Overall, I am impressed.

    1. Thank you! And the track is actually from the demo we put out about a year and a half ago (and with our old drummer). We’re in the studio now to record our first real album (with the new, better, drummer) and we’re professionally re-recording the song. Once we get the track, my band will be finalizing the video, syncing up the tracks more, getting some better show footage, and so on.

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