Nestor Makhno

Nestor Makhno was born a Ukrainian Peasant in 1888 in the Russian Empire. Through his life he held a series of menial jobs, primarily as a farmhand, that was, until the Russian Civil War erupted. He began organizing an army of peasants and workers and combated the Red Army of the Soviet Union, the White Army of Republicans and Monarchists, and various other forces from the central powers and nationalists, in an attempt to secure a region of Ukraine so it could practice Anarchism.

The turning point would be the truce Makhno organized between the Black Army of Anarchists and the USSR’s Red Army. Here, he decided against it, and continued the offense, and with constant attacks by the White Army, the Red forces were dwindling and faces a large lack of morale. Makhno decided to expand out of the Free Territory, and march on Moscow.

Makhno’s offense on Moscow was victorious, and the Red Army surrendered. Lenin and Trotsky signed the surrender document, dissolving the USSR and assimilating the remaining portions of the Red Army that hadn’t already defected with the Black Army. Makhno refused the offers that came to become the dictator of the region, instead opting for being the military commander of the unified forces that defended the leaderless anarchistic regions of the former Russian empire, now known as the Union of Free Soviets.

The international response was one of fear, as both Communists and Anarchists were looked upon with suspicion throughout the western world. Makhno was characterized as a tyrant, a godless oppressor coming to slaughter the citizens  of upstanding christian nations. Makhno was able to defend the Union of Free Soviets, from various Republican, Monarchist, and Foreign incursions, and the UFS was forced into hermit like isolation. The former Russia withdrew itself from the Great War, but provided no provisions to the Central Powers, as Makhno’s defense was able to keep them secure.

Across Europe, the Central Powers lost to the Allies, and were forced to sign the Treaty Of Versailles, without gaining any real territory. Makhno ensured the defense of the free territory throughout the great depression and aided the rise of the Bavarian Soviets, who, rather than embracing the Marxism of the USSR, embraced Anarchism, and joined with the Union of Free Soviets. Fascism did emerge in Italy, and was able to take serious power, but their influence never expanded further. As the Spanish Civil War erupted in the 30s, Makhno, now in his 50s, came to the aid of the Anarchist CNT/FAI, sending soldiers and supplies. The Marxist factions of the Republican side were denied aid, and the Anarchist forces were able to crush Franco’s fascist army, and establish themselves as a region of the Union of Free Soviets. Fascist Italy was demoralized by the loss of their allies, and never sought to expand their influences.

As a large part of Europe became part of the Union of Free Soviets, the United States, and a large portion of the British Commonwealth, succumbed to internal revolutions led by the Industrial Workers of the World. A significant portion of the industrialized world was now organized under the Anarchism laid out by Proudhon, Stirner, Kropotkin, and Bakunin, all thanks to the work of Nestor Makhno.

Years went by, and a majority of the world was now practicing Anarchist Communism, and was able to send the first individual into space, making the first expanse into the final frontier. By this time, Makhno would have passed away, but his world-changing influence would always be remembered.

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