Icon Fiction

Can you guess? At the beginning, they have an encounter that involves a tasty burger, and later a personal addiction leads to the downfall of another. Then som unsavory events occur in the basement of a gun shop, and it all cumulates in a wallet being returned to its rightful owner. The timeline of these events may be out of sync, but you should know that already.


With icons from here.

May the bridges I burn…

Derived from one of my favorite quotes, “May the bridges I burn light the way”, from Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue. The first version is all in black, and what I would assume embodies the quote itself. The second is in orange, which along with the yellow and red versions, exemplify the guiding light of fire, and the individual drive that is like fire. The blue represents the inherent sadness that will come from ‘burning bridges’ but it is all worth it when ‘white’, representing the burnt out embers of a successful fire, remains in the end.

As I am not that talented, the bridge icon was from here, and the fire icon was from here.


I do love this movie, and my first time watching it, I had no real idea what was going on. I imagined it would be something like Pulp Fiction, where after a few viewings I would finally see a plot, but this movie is not a Tarantino film. I still do love it all the same, I need to find my copy tonight.