These four photos show four individual design characteristics. The first, a picture of Richard Engel’s book demonstrates Color. It suits a book on conflict in the middle east to have the red and orange glow of combat and burning oil rigs in the background of a dark and cool night far from home. The next, a sign that reads “HISTORY” shows typography, as thin formal letters are superimposed onto an ‘archaic’ background that truly makes you think of years passed, kings long forgotten, and myths you don’t quite have right. The third is simply a a sign that says “Staff Only”, set to an empty background that is the epitome of minimalism. A blank, white on green on white tells you “there is nothing special here keep out” and nothing more. The final picture used is a commonly found “do not use elevator in the case of fire” signs found in every building over two stories that you’ve memorized over the years. But that’s exactly it, the red design mimicking fire draws us in, and then we memorize the information to keep longer than that plastic sign would in any hear over 100 degrees.

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