How to Be a Better Photographer

Sitting at my desk at work, I am surrounded with a collision of the old and the new. Existing in a building that housed a school before Virginia was desegregated, is now a public library that caters to anyone, regardless of race, religion, nationality, gender, sexuality, or creed. Although I am confined to sit here for hours, proving computers and assistance in using them to all who walk in, I exist within a premier observer. Not only of the new and old, but of all the people that walk in, and all the events that occur here. Using my limited time, and limited range, I was able to capture a few photographs that put my view on display. Personally, tilting the camera to a radically new angle was able to give a new breath of life to a seemingly still photograph, and as you can see, I used that often.


The photos are in a Flickr, album. Assuming the embeded display here doesn’t work/is broken, here is the link (

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