Who Am I?

I’m Chris, and I’m currently a Computer Science student at the University of Mary Washington in my hometown of Fredericksburg, Virginia. I currently work as a Public Computer Assistant at a local library’s computer lab, and I’m kind of a geek (GNU/Linux, SciFi, DnD, and so forth). My love of all things obscure and nerdy even led me to be ordained (as a legal minister) by the greatest UFO Cult ever, the Church of the SubGenius. I also have a soft spot for political philosophy, some of my favorite philosophers and icons being: Max StirnerPierre-Joseph ProudhonLysander SpoonerBenjamin TuckerNestor Makhno, and Henry George. So, I’m always game for a political debate.

However, my primary love is music, mostly Punk Rock and Heavy Metal (although I do enjoy most everything). Some of my favorite bands are Motley CrueDRIThe GermsMunicipal Waste, and Children of Bodom. I even play bass in a Richmond-based Crossover Thrash band called Skumboyz (and maintain our online presence). We play all around the DMV (DC, Maryland, and Virginia) so feel free to come out sometime. I’ve attached a video of my band performing a cover of Minor Threat’s Seeing Red in the basement of some bar in north-west DC last July, as that is often how I spend my weekends. There are countless videos and pictures and audio clips of this pursuit of mine, but I personally think this exemplifies it the best.

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