Weekly Summary (Week 1)

As this is not the first time I’ve set up a domain or used WordPress, setting up and customizing everything felt like a breeze. Although I’ve not used UMW’s domain system, and am much more familiar with GoDaddy, picking up what to do was relativity easy. I played around with all the tools and options, including some of the other applications that you can install. The first post I made on this blog was an introcution, which I, for the most part, re-posted onto my about page. Later, I attempted the photo safari, and experimented with new angles I have never even tried before. I started work on four different visual assignments, which I primarily used GIMP for, and I found them very fun. A nice change of pace from editing show photos and album art. I attempted some daily creates, and enjoyed the seemingly spontaneity of topics. Although I could have taken more time to familiarize myself with the class and assignments, rather than procrastinating some, I see myself participating more thoroughly throughout this class in the next few weeks.

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