Weekly Summary (Week 4)

This week was probably the most challenging for me, as I do not have much prior experience working with videos or film. The workload was lighter, but what work there was was overall more intense than audio or graphics creation. For the daily creates I used GIMP to combine images, and for the films I used kdenlive (as it runs on GNU/Linux), two programs I have previously used, although I feel as if I need more experience with kdenlive. I did miss one daily create though, but I personally did better on the commenting (both commenting on other blogs, and interacting on my own), as displayed below. It seems as if the feedback on my own work is positive, and I really do enjoy that. Below are the daily creates, assignments, and comments.

Movie Reading

Film Analysis

1st Video Assignment

2nd Video Assignment

Daily Creates (1, 2, 3, 4)



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