Weekly Summary (Week 5)

This is the final week of DS106, and for my final project, I told the story of Nestor Makhno, or more precisely, if he had won during the Russian Civil War. I used 3 different types of media to tell the story, being two types of visual, one type of visual/design, and one video project, and weaved it together with some speculative writing. This would have to be my favorite project of the class, as I’ve always been enthralled by alternative history, and being given a chance to explore that was wonderful. I enjoyed this class very much, and was given new perspectives on media, both creating and analyzing it, and I think this will transfer over well into my own personal pursuits. I very much enjoyed the audio portion, as that more closely relates to my passion that does video or graphic design, but I did enjoy the other weeks all the same. I was exposed to more tools to use, more methods of using them, and, bluntly, I learned a lot. If I did take this class over again, I would be more focused on interacting with the other students, and work more on the daily create portions, as well as more tutorials on how I created the media I used.

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